Stillman de México is a Mexican company dedicated to the development of products for your beauty and personal care. This is one of the first companies in Mexico that manufactures a cream to lighten your skin, the famous Bella Aurora cream, for finest results in the treatment of stained and sun-darkened skin.

In 1891 we launched to the U.S. market the Bella Aurora cream; since then, this product has been mostly preferred by women worldwide. Bella Aurora is widely accepted in the United States, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and El Salvador among many others.

Presently, Stillman is a leader in the pharmaceutical market as a result of the high quality of our products, recognized as worldwide class. The collection of products comprises body moisturizing creams, hair spray, hair tonic, shower gels, nail enamel remover, soaps, and air fresheners formulated with the finest quality and reliability.

Stillman is well known for its products performance “enhancing women’s beauty” for more than 100 years; central to this has been the superior quality of the ingredients and the scientific technology in their manufacture to fully satisfy our customer base.